Regular work for quality writers

Filed under: Earn Money — January 22, 2010

All sorts of people are looking for writing work as a way of earning extra money working from home at times to suit themselves.

We have all sorts of people writing for us from (more…)

Writers wanted for servers and hosting

Filed under: Wanted — October 16, 2009

We posted last month about needing writers able to write about servers and web hosting, and we still have more on this topic waiting for writers.

We don’t need experts in the field, just people able to read stuff on the subject without being completely baffled, and it always helps if you have some interest in it.

If you are interested (more…)

How much do writers earn?

Filed under: Earn Money — September 15, 2009

The question is often asked during the application process how much do our writers actually earn.

Generally speaking, when a writer is first offered work, they will be offered a small brief.  For articles, the minimum we offer is 10 articles in a month but this could be all on one subject or 5 on one and 5 on another, it depends on what we have in at the time.

Providing a writer (more…)

Hosting and servers

Filed under: Wanted — September 10, 2009

Plenty on the waiting list have select Computers and Technology on the subjects list, but none have mentioned servers particularly, so does anyone already approved and on the waiting list feel able to write on this topic?

You don’t need to be ultra-techie or know (more…)

Plumbers and web designers wanted

Filed under: Wanted — September 8, 2009

Please note: in order to respond to this request, you must already have applied and been accepted onto the waiting list.

We have one or two assignments this month on the topics of plumbing, and specifically pipe fittings/flanges, and web design.  Ideally, the (more…)

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