Here are some of the things that our writers have said about us:

“I really enjoy the writing and working with you guys. I feel like I’m learning a lot and I’m grateful for all the feedback. I would definitely like to become a full time freelance writer and this does seem like an invaluable place to learn. I really appreciate the way you pay, it works very well for me.”
C.J, Staffordshire

“Of all the online agencies I tried, WOW outstripped the others by a mile, both workwise and paymentwise – I know internet journalism isn’t so well paid, but it’s a lot easier than submitting print articles on spec. It’s wonderful to have interesting projects to explore, and a regular wage coming in. Thanks to Words of Worth, I’ve managed to turn a part-time hobby into a full-time career – something I never thought possible till I came here. As a result, I now have a full time career doing the job I love! The team are approachable and friendly, give fantastic feedback and, best of all, respect their writers by paying them a decent wage. Recommended.”
S.C, Horley, Surrey

“I’ve found working for ‘wordsofworth’ a great way to earn extra money and improve on my writing skills. I’ve been working for them over a year now and they’ve been fantastic!”
M.S, Manchester

“Working for WOW is a convenient and flexible way of of earning extra cash working from home.  I find it easy to fit in around my role as a mum and also other work commitments.  With a little forward planning writing for WOW has enabled me to pay off debts and save up for rainy day purchases that would have been out of reach otherwise!  Finding material to write about is easy particularly with the guidance that the WOW team provide.  Money arrives on time directly in to my bank account – it couldn’t be simpler!”
C.C, Warrington

“I find wow professional. It’s great that email reminders are sent out to me when we are near a bank holiday to remind me of the amount of articles expected at the office.”
VJR, Colne

“I have worked for this company for over 12 months. This is a great way of earning extra income without leaving the house, all you need is a computer and internet connection. I’ve always been paid on time and really trust them to give me ongoing work. This is the easiest way of earning extra money from home.”
S. Wallie, Stockport

“I have been writing articles for Words of Worth for some 10 months now.

The main attraction for me was of course to earn some extra income and being able to earn this money from the comfort of my own home meets my needs perfectly.

I currently write 60 articles per month equating to 2 per day. The subject matter is not always easy, particularly in the early days of a new subject, but whenever I start to struggle for ideas etc. the speedy support and guidance offered by the Words of Worth team proves invaluable.

It is always more enjoyable to write articles about subjects that one is familiar with or interested in, but I never forget that writing articles demands self discipline and given my time is valuable, some forward planning to ensure articles are submitted within the timelines.”
Martin G, Plymouth