Are you getting the most out of your internet browser?

You probably have a browser you turn to for writing, but how are you using it, and do you use it differently to leisurely browsing?

For example, the browser Opera is loved by many internet users, but this tends to be more the case for gamers than people making money from writing online. Likewise, Safari can be a great choice on a Mac or iPhone, but when using a Microsoft PC and Office applications like Word, it’s often a little clunky.

Probably the two best and most popular options for writers are Mozilla Firefox and Google Chrome. We marginally prefer the former, as it’s a little more conscious of privacy and has some neat customisation features when it comes to bookmarking pages and going through your browsing history.

We don’t recommend Microsoft Edge. It’s latest habit of converting URLs into title tags when pasted from Edge to Word – particularly unhelpful if you’re trying to compile a bibliography for a piece of writing – is another nail in its coffin, but we appreciate that many writers are used to Microsoft browsers and find it hard to change.

Whichever browser you use, it probably has all sorts of features you’re not aware of that can make your writing life easier. Take the time to look for a guide online to discover how your browser can work not just with you, but for you too.

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