Three reasons writers should have a dictionary

These days, if we see a word and are not sure what it means, we would normally just Google it, but is there still a case for having a physical dictionary to hand?

We think so, and with today being Dictionary Day, here are three reasons why we like an old-fashioned book of words:

1. Useful combination of online and offline resources

Writing online can be distracting, and you can easily fall into a sea of open tabs and windows. Turning to a printed dictionary gives you a break from the computer and means you’re not reliant on the internet.

Also, what if your internet goes down? Not to worry – your dictionary doesn’t need internet access and is there for all your word definition needs!

2. Serendipity

Serendipity, as any good dictionary will tell you, is the practice of making valuable discoveries by mistake. Since dictionaries list words in alphabetical order, you may stumble upon one you didn’t intend to and add it to your vocabulary. For example, if you looked up “serendipity”, you might see words like “seraskier” (a commander in the Ottoman Empire) or sericeous (silklike or covered with soft hairs). You could even choose a word at random and use it as inspiration for writing.

3. A bookish environment

Lastly, there’s a reason why many people like to go to a public library to write, and it’s because of the quiet and studious environment it offers. Being surrounded by books, both reference and literature, shows that you take yourself seriously as a writer.

We hope you find the time to peruse a dictionary today and feel the benefits of its wordy wisdom!

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