Good news – Google still wants real writers!

If you’re someone who worries about machines taking work off you, relax! For writers, that day still seems some way off.

Writers scrolling through Facebook or Twitter, particularly if confronted by targeted ads, might have noticed posts promoting machine-generated or AI-generated content.

If the thought of losing work to a robot gets you quivering in your boots, fear not, because according to one of the main voices of Google, machines are still nowhere near as good at creating content as people are.

Last month, Google Search Advocate John Mueller tweeted his views on machine-written content, hinting that it could only lead to low-quality material. In the same week, he also spoke out on a Reddit thread dismissing the idea of AI-produced product listings and blogs.

Writing is all about creativity and perception, and these are two skills computers will always struggle to grasp. That’s why we value human writers and invite them to apply with us at Words of Worth today!

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