Are “article rewriter” tools any good?

If you have to research and write on a subject, a lazy writer’s workaround might be to find an article on the internet and tweak some of the wording.

Lazier still would be to get a piece of software to do it for you, and there are tools available proclaiming they can do this. So how good are they?

Out of interest, we found one (that shall remain nameless) and typed in the following well-known pangram:

“The quick brown fox jumps over the lazy dog.”

What it returned was this:

“The speedy earthy colored fox gets around the apathetic canine.”

You can see that this is simply a clumsy use of a thesaurus that ignores all context within the original sentence. A lazy dog is not necessarily an apathetic one, if indeed a dog is capable of apathy. A fox could “get around” a dog in a number of ways so this loses the specificity of jumping over one, and introducing a dog as a “canine” is overly formal.

Therefore, in short, no, article rewriters are not very good. Finding an existing piece on a subject is sensible research, but it’s important to read and understand the piece before putting it into your own words.

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