Is artificial intelligence a threat to writers?

There is no doubt that technology is advancing at a rapid speed, especially where artificial intelligence (AI) is concerned. AI is being used for all sorts of purposes nowadays, which then begs the question: if AI can do a certain job, why would we need humans to do it?

What does AI mean for the writing industry?

In terms of writing, AI is any platform or tool that can create content in seconds based upon a few requirements. The technology draws upon existing published pieces of writing to create any sort of document. Although cheating, it’s a popular tool for helping write essays.

What are the limitations of AI?

While it may seem convenient and efficient for a piece of technology to do your work for you, there are many limitations of AI and it is best to steer clear if you’re supposed to be writing an original piece of work.

Firstly, an AI platform will never be the next Shakespeare. They’re not intelligent enough at this moment to create any new sayings, expressions or jokes, as they are only imitating work that is already out there. AI writing will never be as original as your own.

Also, even though AI is intelligent enough to learn from mistakes that we inform it about, it’s likely AI writers will never be fully in control. Just like the hesitancy to hand over control to self-driving cars. AI is a technology, and there are some things it just cannot do without human intervention.

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