Free online writing resources for UK writers

If you’re tackling writing jobs to earn money from home, having extra support at no additional cost is always useful. Below, we’ll explore some free resources you can use when writing from home.

Dictionary and thesaurus sites

One of the simplest resources for online writers to use is an online dictionary or thesaurus. Multiple sites offer this service on the web, and writers can bookmark them on their browser to keep them in easy reach while writing. Whether you need to check the meaning of a word or find a suitable synonym, these aids can be invaluable. UK writers should remember when writing content for other countries that spellings can vary; it’s important to use the correct edition for their reference.

Writing applications

Writing apps like Grammarly and Hemingway can help you improve your writing. Free versions of both apps are available to use for UK writers and both can be useful depending on your needs. Grammarly can assist with grammar and vocabulary, while Hemingway guides you on writing simpler and impactful writing. Both apps allow you to paste in the piece you’re working on and offers suggestions and highlights errors.

Writing professionally

Last but far from least, writing professionally can be an excellent resource. Many companies hiring writers will supply a wealth of tips and best practices in their house style guide. Furthermore, they have experienced teams of editors who will often supply helpful feedback on common writing errors and how best to avoid them. Apply to write with Words of Worth today to kickstart your writing career.

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