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Whether you’re looking for ways to help with the cost of living or simply seeking a brand-new career, there is money to be made writing online in the UK. Content writing can be a rewarding profession that allows you to learn new skills and become informed on a diverse range of topics. However, writing can also be lucrative and allows individuals to access a new revenue stream if they have the right skills and equipment. Read on as we run down what you need to make money online in the UK as a content writer.

Excellent English language skills

From informative online hubs to sites selling products and services, enterprises, organisations and institutions all require a web presence to succeed. To keep their audience or customer base engaged, websites must regularly update with fresh content from the copy on their main pages to the blogs they post for SEO purposes. To maintain a steady flow of traffic to their site, firms must post well-written content.

As a result, to work as a content writer in the UK and earn money through writing jobs, you must have an outstanding command of the English language. You should be able to structure an article and be able to write in your own words in language that is interesting but simple to understand.

Getting equipped for writing from home

To write remotely and earn money, you will need a connection to the internet you can rely on. It is advisable to research your articles to ensure you understand a topic before writing about it, so that you can take on a number of different briefs that you can submit once they are complete. You’ll need a desktop or laptop computer with a writing application like Word so you can create your content, but also so you can engage with your employer if you have questions regarding your brief.

Always read your brief carefully before you start writing and make sure that the piece you produce answers it exactly. The brief contains useful information that will help you write, like pertinent keywords to include, whether a call to action is required, how many words are needed and who the target audience of the article is.

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