How to make money online writing blogs in the UK

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You might be seeking a brand new career as a full-time writer or looking to establish an extra revenue stream. In either case, writing blogs is an option for UK residents looking to make money doing something they enjoy.

While once blogs were viewed as personal projects of hobbyists and enthusiasts, today they are recognised by organisations and enterprises as valuable assets.

Blogs are an excellent way to provide useful resources to those in need of information and assistance, but can also be used to market products and services. These online articles also offer companies a way to engage and interact with their customers, and attract traffic to their websites and shopping platforms.

Of course, effective writing takes time and skill. Many business owners understand the benefits of blogs but lack the hours and writing abilities to constantly create new content. As a result, multiple opportunities are open to writers here in the UK who would like the chance to pen blogs for payment.

If you’re curious to learn how to make money online writing blogs in the UK, read on for a detailed look at everything you need to know.

Are you suited to writing blogs?

Firstly, it’s important to assess whether a role writing blogs would be right for you.

Having solid English skills is ideal, but you won’t require a qualification to find work. You must be a dependable person who can deliver their assignments to deadline, however, and be willing to research subjects you might not be familiar with.

There is a constant demand for original content online, so it is important that you never attempt to copy existing work. As a blog writer, you must research your article and, once you understand your topic, write a unique piece in words of your own.

Are you set up to write blogs?

To write blogs for money, you will need some basic hardware and software along with an internet connection and a personal bank account. A desktop, laptop or tablet is necessary to work on, as well as a writing application like Microsoft Word. Having reliable access to the internet is vital, as you will need it to accept and submit your articles and to research them. For the work you complete to be easily paid for, you will also need a bank account to receive a monthly transfer.

How to make money regularly writing blogs

To earn a regular income from writing blogs, you must be dependable. If you consistently deliver work to a high standard on time, you will build a reputation as a reliable writer, and will enjoy a steady stream of work. As a result, making sure that you always answer your brief is essential. From how many words are required to whether you need to mention the client’s name or a specific keyword, read through your brief and ensure you have ticked every box. Next, proof your work for errors before you submit it, correcting any spelling mistakes you find.

Building trust is important when writing blogs, but so is communication. When you receive feedback, always read it carefully and take it on board. Editors may compliment your work giving you encouragement, but you may find you learn more from their constructive criticism. Always take advantage of this free advice and use it to enhance your work.

The wider variety of work you accept, the more money you can earn writing blogs. If you are prepared to research and write about any topic, you can expand how much work you receive. Blogs are extremely diverse when it comes to topics, but also length. While some briefs include many short blogs of 200 words each, others may involve in-depth articles of up to a thousand words or more. The good news is that as a blog writer you will usually be paid by the word, so the longer the article, the more you earn.

Write blogs for Words of Worth

If you would like more practical knowledge of how to make money online writing blogs in the UK, we can help. At Words of Worth, we are always keen to connect with committed new writers who want to excel. If your English language skills are top notch and you can be counted on to create original blogs to deadlines, we have a diverse range of work available.

You could be writing blogs for local firms related to their products and services, or covering news and events in specific parts of the country. Successful applicants can find themselves writing regular blogs throughout the month, allowing them to build up their skills while they earn.

We pay competitive rates for all completed work, and you’ll receive all payments directly into your back account for convenience. To start writing blogs online for money, apply to write with us here at Words of Worth today.

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