Three ways to check your writing before submitting

You might be applying to earn money from home as a copywriter or already tackling writing jobs but regardless, checking your work is always crucial. Submitting a test piece that contains mistakes could cost you a job opportunity, while uploading error-filled articles can see your workflow dry up. Here, we list three ways to check your writing.

Use writing software

If you’re using Microsoft Word to write, make the most of it. Click “Preferences” on the Word menu and choose Spelling & Grammar. Under spelling in the dialogue box tick the box for “Check spelling as you type” and under grammar turn on “Check grammar as you type”.

Make sure you’re set up for the spelling and grammar rules used by the country you’re writing for.

Free online typing assistants

You’ll find free writing apps online like Grammarly, which allow you to copy and paste your work in and receive an automated check. These apps can spot simple grammar and spelling issues and make suggestions of how to fix them. Just be aware that these apps are limited and can’t replace a human edit.

Write, read, revise

There is no substitution for checking your own work. No one will understand the ideas you are trying to express and points you wish to make better. When possible, leave time between writing and submitting so you can read your article with a fresh pair of eyes and make your corrections.

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