Write from home in Australia

We are still looking for more writers based in Australlia, so if you want to make some extra money writing from home in Australia writing for our Australia-based clients – and if you feel you meet our criteria – then please read our T&Cs and apply by using the application form.

Our UK waiting list is still quite long, so for UK writing jobs there is still a long wait unless we receive a brief that particularly suits your background.

Many thanks

4 Comments on “Write from home in Australia”

  • sham


    I have been living in Australia for the past 17 years and could write for Australia based clients.

    I have registered with you and have received a work sample. I am working on it at the moment

  • Pete


    I’ve been retired from a lifetime of business management for several years, and am writing my own content for a couple of websites, but still thinking about doing it for MONEY. (just love at the moment)
    I need information on TAX details, being on a full pension in Australia, and not paying tax as yet.
    Could you send me detail on what the requirements would be for me to be paid without some exorbitant taxation witholding deductions.
    Regards, Pete

  • admin


    Hi Pete

    We couldn’t advise on that I’m afraid. We pay our writers via PayPal each month and they’re responsible for their own tax. In the UK that would be via self-assessment. It’s worth speaking for someone about tax advice if you can


  • Jon C


    I have put on the (Australian) waiting list. I waiting to get an opportunity to start writing for an income. Any updates/opportunities?


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