WordPress 6.0 is here – did you notice it?

Did you know that nearly two thirds of content management system (CMS) based websites are built through WordPress?

Last month, many of them braced themselves for the introduction of version 6.0. No doubt in the back of bloggers’ and copywriters’ minds was that when WordPress 5.0 was introduced in 2018, it came with a completely different interface when working in the site’s admin area.

The WordPress Gutenberg editor, and the ‘blocks’ interface that came with it, remains a point of contention among some WordPress users, and nothing demonstrates that more than the fact that the ‘Classic Editor” plugin, which restores WordPress back to the way it was before the 5.0 update, is installed on more than five million websites.

At least the 6.0 version has got rid of some irritating flaws like not being able to highlight text across multiple blocks, making it much easier to delete or reformat large sections of text, and the sidebar now makes it easier to preview blocks as well.

That aside, the changes made in WordPress 6.0 have largely slipped under the radar, which perhaps is no bad news. Although we might grumble about one or two of its features, WordPress works, so radical changes from one version to the next are not necessary.

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