UK writer applications remain closed

UK write applications remain closed

We’ve had a few requests, via email from those on the waiting list, and a via Twitter from some, asking where we’re up to on our waiting list.

We regret to say that we are still fully booked with UK writers and don’t require any new writers at present. The only exception to this would be if we put out a request for a writer with a particularly high level of skill or knowledge in a certain area, and this would be posted on here if our existing writers/waiting writers can’t cover it, but this is an infrequent occurrence and we do already have a wide range of writers in the areas we mostly work within.

If you are already on our waiting list, then by all means do email in if you want to remind us you’re still available. We have recently taken a handful of writers from our waiting list – and they had applied more than a year ago. We are sorry but being known as a company that actually does pay out for freelance writing assignments meant we were inundated with applications and our writers have been with us for a number of years.

Thank you for your patience

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  • Nick Hughes


    Hi. I’, a Kiwi, that means I’m from New Zealand. I live in London in the UK. Within 18 months i will be returning to NZ after nearly 20 years abroad.
    I have a Bachelor of Arts degree in English in history and have always enjoyed reading and writing.
    As I’m getting older i’m enjoying writing more than ever and the internet has been a wonderful place to indulge and practice conveying thoughts, ideas and opinions with folk from around the globe.
    I am interested to see if my syntax, grammar and perspicacious wit are up to the mark required by Words of Worth.
    When you re-open your opportunity box for UK based writers please don’t be afraid to drop me a line.

  • admin


    Hi Nick – our applications process is now open for the UK.

  • Katie



    I want to explore the possibility of doing more writing and was planning to submit an application to Words of Worth. Is it possible to notify me when the UK application process re-opens, or is it now closed indefinitely?



  • admin


    Hi Katie,

    Thanks for getting in touch.

    We’re lucky that we have quite a waiting list and work with our existing writers for years usually. We did recently open the applications a couple of months back, just for a few weeks to get some new writers for a specific topic area, and have filled our current quota. Follow us on Twitter and subscribe to our feed (we don’t push things out all the time) and we will post next time it’s open.


  • admin


    Hi Katie – the UK applications form is now open for a short time of you’d like to apply to be a writer with Words of Worth.

  • Marion Davis


    I have just found your website and had fun checking out the content as well as completing the Quiz for which, I am happy to report, I scored 100%!

    I am eager to use my spare time profitably, have always enjoyed writing and find that my fast typing speed serves me well, as does a decent education and a love of the English language. I also love Latin…a subject which is so useful in a myriad of languages (not, I hasten to add, that I can deliver a piece of writing in Latin, however it’s a useful language to have studied, albeit many moons ago.)

    Like Nick, I’m hoping that there may be a genuine opportunity here, to produce some quality writing and get paid for it.

    I’ve added myself to the waiting list and hope very much to hear from you whenever you have a requirement for some fresh UK writers.



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