New subjects

We have recently altered the subjects on the application form when people apply.

For those writers already on the waiting list, don’t worry if you didn’t select a newly available subject as we do already have your details and unless there’s someone else perfect for the topic we would offer it to you anyway.

However, we have a need for some writers able to write adult content.  We don’t really want to be emailing people on the waiting list to offer this sort of stuff, so if anyone really wants to write this sort of assignment, please email us at info(at) replacing the (at) with @.

Please note: if you do email and we don’t reply, this will be because the assignment(s) have already been sent out.  The last subject appeal we posted received so many replies, and many of them days too late, that we struggled to personally reply to them all so please don’t be offended if we don’t reply to you.  Your interest will be noted on the waiting list.

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