How much do writers earn?

The question is often asked during the application process how much do our writers actually earn.

Generally speaking, when a writer is first offered work, they will be offered a small brief.  For articles, the minimum we offer is 10 articles in a month but this could be all on one subject or 5 on one and 5 on another, it depends on what we have in at the time.

Providing a writer stays on track throughout the month, or preferably stays ahead, always submits unique work (we copy check our copywriting work to ensure it is not duplicated from elsewhere) and their writing is good then they will be offered regular work.

Regular work can mean different subjects each month for various clients or the same each month, again, it depends on what we have in.

The first article on any brief, especially for new writers, is always checked to ensure the writer has understood the brief and followed instructions.  Feedback is given and we give the writer chance to improve.

Our top writers work almost full time for us earning around £1500 per month however, this takes a long time as we have to build mutual respect – the writer is placing faith in us that we will continue to provide work and we place faith in the writer that they won’t let us down.

We also have writers who are happy earning just a little extra pocket money each month – £30, £50 or £100 a month is plenty for some who just want to work in and around their other commitments and put the money towards a meal out, a trip to the theatre or save for something special, or perhaps just take the pressure off one or two bills.

How much you can earn depends largely upon you.

5 Comments on “How much do writers earn?”

  • Shuvro


    I was browing thorough your website and found it quite interesting (from other similar sites that I have seen). I was wondering if you allow membership to non-UK residents also?

    Thanks and regards

  • Stacy Alexander



    I applied for a writing position with your company but received no word about how long it will take for my application to be processed.

    Will you please let me know?

    S. Alexander

  • admin


    Hi Stacy,

    Sorry for the late reply, but we don’t usually check comments on the posts. We can see you applied on the 16th September and were send the brief for a sample on the 22nd September (we’ve now speeded this process up), but didn’t receive your sample. Please follow the instructions on that brief to apply. If you’ve lost the email, please complete the application form again.


    Editing Team

  • Thomas Bewley


    I contacted you re: an application and completed a sample article – I cannot, however, spot an email address on your automated replyand as such cannot send you my article. Help would be appreciated, Thankyou.

  • admin


    Hi Thomas, sorry for the delay in replying – we’ve been concentrating on the US version of our site. If you haven’t managed to apply yet you can send your application to


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