Growing waiting list of writers

Due to the success of Words of Worth we currently have a big waiting list of writers waiting for contracts. If you’re thinking of applying to be a writer, we may have a waiting list of a couple of months before we can match you up with a contract.

To speed the process along, when filling out the application form please be as detailed as you can about your interests and the sort of things you’ll be able to write about. The more information we have, the more likely we’ll be able to quickly match you up.

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  • Lydia Mc Kay Mc Intyre


    I am a writers bureau student and lately I am working hard to land my dream of becoming a full time writer. This will help me manage more around my life and family.
    I am lately working part time in finance and love to read and write on children and their development. I also have a diploma in child care. Studying with the writers bureau help me learn a lot on planning and researching before writing and with good practice one can write on any subject.
    Thanks & Regards

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