Fitness & nutrition writers wanted

Fitness and Nutrition writers needed - write for money for WoW

We have a potential opportunity to provide content for an online fitness content subscription client. As they charge for access to their content, they need it to be very high quality – concise writing, giving insights into the fitness/nutrition world that the average bod will not know, etc. In other words, if an article is called ‘How to transform your body – fast’ they don’t want points like ‘motivate yourself/watch your nutrition/use weights/do some cardio’.  They would want more specific points, like you’d see on sites like

We are looking for writers with a real passion for this topic, who are happy to research and write these pieces, and would enjoy the process. This writing needs to express personality, not be a passive article most people could write. As a result, the pay will be higher than the usual rate but will depend upon the level of knowledge / writer bio and sample. Although it’s still not going to make you a millionaire, it’s a reasonable rate of pay for writing from anywhere in the world. The work available is 20-30 articles per writer per month and expected to last around six months IF the client is happy. We would require one sample piece from the successful applicant(s) – the sample will be paid for.

If you are already on our UK waiting list, then there is a shortcut for you. You can email us at wordsofworth (AT) – please replace the (AT) with an @ symbol.

We are also opening our UK application form for the first time in almost three years. So if you want to be considered, please include in your application why we should choose you. There is a standard sample article to complete in order to make the waiting list, and then there would be one paid sample piece requested if you seem suitable for this particular assignment. We don’t want to have to read and edit 50 samples, so if we select you for the paid sample, we’re hoping you fit the bill.

Please do not be disappointed if you make the waiting list but not this particular assignment.

We are looking to complete this process quickly, so we will be going through applications received by Wednesday 6th May, with a view to sending the sample brief and receiving samples by Friday 8th May. We hope to receive a decision from the client w/c 11th May and for any successful applicant to start the writing assignment by the end of May.

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  • Jackie Masloff


    It’s not clear to me how I can apply for this writing assignment.

    Can you please clarify?

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