Earn money in your own time

One of the main benefits of writing for Words of Worth is the flexibility of the process. If you work a part time job, you’re tied to hours. You have a set time when you have to be there in order to do your shift to get paid. It may be bar work, shop work, paper round, anything, the point is that you have to be somewhere at a certain time. Therefore if you want do your own thing on a Friday night, and you’re down to work a shift, you can’t.

With Words of Worth you can do the writing anytime, anywhere (so long as you have a computer). So if you want go away for a week in Spain, you can do that without losing any money. You just write the articles before you go. If you want Friday nights to yourself, no problem. You can write the articles whenever you want, you’re tied down to time frames where you have to do the work.

The only stipulation is that you’re ahead with the writing. A typical contract is 80 articles per month, which works out at between 2 and 3 articles per day. Once you’re into the swing of things you can write that much in under 30 minutes, so could quite easily spend a few hours on a Sunday afternoon and write all that you need to write for the week, giving you the week off.

What other part-time job offers you that level of flexibility?

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