Australian Writing Jobs on Offer

Recently, we closed our writers’ application form because we had been inundated with applications from those looking for writing work.

Although we have plenty of writers from the UK, we do have a large, regular Australian writing job – and this means we need a handful of Australian writers. So, if you’re from Australia and feel you meet the criteria and want what we can offer, then have a look round the site, have a read of the T&Cs and if you still fancy doing some writing work then please apply using the application form.


P.S. if you are from the UK or elsewhere (other than Canada – see next post) then unfortunately we do have a long waiting list that would mean you could be waiting up to a year – unless we received a writing job that particularly suited your past experience.

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  • sham


    I have returned from NSW Australia after 17 years. I have applied to you to be a writer and then noticed this thread. I had not mentioned Australia in my application comments , so am informing you now. Thanks 🙂

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